Terms of Service

by placing an order on fbfanslikes.com you accept the following terms, whether you have read them or not


We reserve the right to change those terms without prior notice. Please read those terms frequently for any updates.
We are not affiliated with any of the social networks mentioned on this website.
The services provided on this website always involves a risk for the social media accounts. We cannot be held responsible for any damages you or your business may suffer from the suspension of the social media accounts due to the promotions used on this website.
Payments are only accepted in USD($).
The minimum payment amount accepted on our website is 20 $ (USD).
Payments made on our website are used as pre-paid credits to be only used on services displayed on our website.
Once a payment has been processed, we cannot refund it back. The payment has to be used as a credit on our website.
If/When orders are cancelled, the amount paid for the service will be refunded back into your balance as a credit, which you could use for other services. There will not be any cash refunds.
All payments are currently processed on Paypal's secure website. We do not store any financial information, and payments are not processed on our servers.
We cannot guarantee any sort of delivery time for our services, as the delivery times might vary from time to time, depending on many different elements.
All refill services are provided as long the service provider's methods are still working. If a method for a service does not work anymore due to changes on the social network, we might not be able to refill/refund those orders.
Please note that we might have to change the prices without prior notice. Please check the prices of services frequently.We cannot refill/refund/cancel/alter any order older than 6 months, unless specified.
Unfortunately most services are non refundable. refills or refunds are only provided to services that specifically mentions it. Once an order is completed, we cannot cancel the order if your client is not happy about the service. We cannot guarantee any service quality, please refer to the descriptions of the services on the table, so you know exactly what kind of service you are reselling.

Even-though we are trying to provide the best services, please be aware that services do not have a lifetime guarantee, and will most probably eventually disappear.
We do not guarantee that the followers/fans/subscribers provided by our services will interact in any way with your social media accounts. The followers/fans/subscribers provided may or may not be active users. We do not guarantee that those followers/fans/subscribers will all have pictures, activities, bios, etc.